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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019

We all have that one person in our lives that seemingly has everything, making gift shopping for them particularly challenging. However, don’t worry as we have scoured the web for the top Christmas gift ideas that will have your friends jumping for joy. Even if you already have the perfect Christmas gift planned for that special someone its always good to keep your options open.


The Gift of Experience

As December 25th creeps closer and closer your chances of finding a gossip-worthy Christmas gift dwindles, but there’s still one present that you can count on. A gift of experience. Score tickets to a sports game, plan a weekend ski trip or find tickets to the hottest theatre show rolling into town. Another amazing new Christmas experience that is coming to Calgary this holiday seasons is the Noel Indoor Light Park and Christmas Market, get your family tickets to this brand new event for the whole family for Christmas.  These gifts are super easy to book, you don’t have to spend hours in the mall looking for the perfect gift, and they guaranteed to be a winner.

Top shows to see in Calgary
Ski Trip


The Gift of Knowledge

Have a friend that is always talking about wanting to learn a new skill and taking classes, but never follows through? Why not give them a nudge in the right direction and sign them up for that course they’ve been wanting to take for so long. Many universities and colleges now offer non-credit courses in everything from floral design to landscape painting. Help your friend learn a new skill, then once the courses are over you can put their new skills to the test by having them paint a picture for your home. It’s a win-win.

Courses to check out


The Gift of Comfort

If there is one gift that we have literally never seen a bad reaction to its this: a blanket. It doesn’t matter if it’s knitted, quilted, or faux fur it’ll get a warm welcome. We all have that one blanket that instantly brings back those memories sitting on the sofa, snug as a bug in a rug. Why not give that exact same feeling to someone you care about? They’ll think about you every time they curl up. Know someone that’s always tossing and turning in their sleep? Why not combine everyone’s two favorite things: constant pressure and sleep.

Blanket Guide


The Gift of Zen

With the holiday season being notoriously stressful why not give the gift of relaxation? Whether it’s an hour-long massage or an acupuncture appointment you are sure to win the best gift of the year. Heck, they hopefully will remember and get you the same thing for next year! With loads of great local spas, there’s no need to worry about where you’re sending your friends.
Spas in Calgary


The Gift of Environmentally Consciousness

If you love it or hate it, the VSCO girls have made their statement to save the turtles and many previous straw-loving establishments have cut out those pesky plastic straws. It’s time for us all to embrace the change and change the game by showing off the newest and coolest environmentally friendly straw. This gift will let your friend show off your style in a subtle way while saving our ocean friends. With so many options on the market, you can get your friends and family straws for at home, their cars, purses, and work or school.


The Gift of Power

We all know that person whose phone is always running low with no cable insight, or worse yet their cable is so frayed it looks like the perm you had in fifth grade. There is also that friend who has so many electronics that need to be charged but not enough outlets to charge them all. Give them the gift of power this Christmas with a portable charging pack, or a wireless charging station. With wireless charging quickly becoming the industry standard this is both the gift of power and the gift of decluttering, Marie Kondo would be proud.
Battery pack
Wireless charger


The Gift of Clean

Whether you have that friend whose place is always a tip, or you’re that friend, hiring a cleaning service can change your home. There’s nothing more indulgent than coming home to a clean home and knowing you didn’t have to lift a finger. This gift also allows for the recipient the opportunity to spend that time doing anything other than scrubbing caked-on food out of the microwave. Go on, treat your friends, it’s not as expensive as you think.
Get your clean on


The Gift of Automation

Whether it’s your first smart home product or your latest addition, a wireless camera from Blink makes sense. No longer do you need a wired connection with two AA batteries lasting up to two years you can set it up and rest easy. Combine that with a smart speaker, and your home is set on its ways of running itself. No need to walk into a dark home anymore with timed lights you can set to a custom schedule- all from the power of your phone. It’s like having house staff without all the expense.


The Gift of Instant Gratification

With nearly everyone having a digital camera there’s something special about holding a photo in your hand. There is something to be said about capturing the moment on a polaroid, however, there’s also something to be said about paying 40 bucks for refills. Stop wasting your money. Not only is HP Sprocket half the price, but you can also print off any photo regardless of whether or not it was taken on 2 lbs hunk of plastic. Your photos will appear out of seemingly thin air with the printer being only the size of an iPhone.
Print away


The Gift of Sound

Well not really, but with music becoming increasingly more connected with our lives it feels like we’ve lost a limb when our headphones aren’t working. Let’s fix that. This pick is guaranteed to be a winner, especially in the winter when your headphones cover your ears. Not only can you be listening to bumping tunes, but you can also be showing your support for local businesses. Let the sound quality speak for itself. You’ll be coming back for your own pair in no time.

And that’s a wrap on the top 10 gifts that will be sure to spark joy to whoever you give them to! Have you ever received a Christmas gift that took you by surprise? Tell us about it in the comments.

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